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Mix & Match Therapy (sample)

Mix & Match Therapy Experience will allow you to explore different types of therapy with an affordable price. It is your choice to list your interest, then our team will contact a specialized therapist based on your interest. This program will simply allow you to try a casual therapy (without a specific diagnosis). For example, If you choose to take Art Therapy (2 hours), Counselling with a Psychotherapist (1 hours), and Yoga (2 hours), Art therapist will ask you to prepare a paper and colour pencils, and you will have 2 hours of art therapy workshop like experience. After, you can ask any questions you have in mind (It can also be your career question if you're interested in working in the field) during a counselling, and enjoy 2 hours Yoga (online).

Please note:
* This program does not include a clinical diagnosis.
* 1 person is allowed per booking (This is not a group session).
* You can choose to let your child explore different types of therapy.
* Minimum 1 hours per therapy (less than 1 hours per therapy will be cancelled).
* Respite/ ABA/ CBT/ Speech/ OT Therapy will be more of a info session/ initial meeting because you do not have a program planned. However, programs such as Art, Yoga, Counselling or Mindfulness will allow you to experience a sample class.

(1) Art Therapy (2) ABA Therapy  (3) CBT (4) Counselling (5) Play Therapy
(6) Respite Service (7) Mindfulness (8) Yoga (9) Occupational therapy (10) Speech Therapy

If you'd like to take a regular therapy session after, our experienced team is here to help and plan based on your needs and goals.

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