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Types of Assessments

Most assessments are completed by a psychologist. There are many types of assessments to consider such as Diagnostic Assessment, Psychological Assessment, Psycho-educational Assessment, and Interdisciplinary Assessment.
Your initial meeting with the psychologist will determine which assessment is right for you.
Many psychologists charge around $250. However, ATAMIC TEAM strives to offer a client more affordable options.

Pandemic sets off future wave of worsening mental health issues: Worry, fear of COVID-19 amplifies risk of substance abuse

Long after a COVID-19 vaccination is developed and years after the coronavirus death toll is tallied, the impact on mental health will linger, continuing to inflict damage if not addressed, according to new research.

When doing good boosts health, well-being: Acts of kindness benefit givers, study finds

Performing acts of kindness and helping other people can be good for people's health and well-being, according to new research. But not all good-hearted behavior is equally beneficial to the giver. The strength of the link depends on many factors, including the type of kindness, the definition of well-being, and the giver's age, gender and other demographic factors.

Impact of children's loneliness today could manifest in depression for years to come

A rapid review into the mental health impacts of loneliness on children and young people concludes that there could be a spike in demand for mental health services in the years to come.

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