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In Canada, counselling is regulated by statute in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and New Brunswick.

Can Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) improve multiple menopause symptoms?
Although hormone therapy (HT) is the most commonly recommended treatment for menopause symptoms, research is ongoing for alternatives, especially nonpharmacologic options. Cognitive behavior therapy has previously been proposed as a low-risk treatment for hot flashes, but a new study suggests it may also effectively manage other menopause symptoms.

Can Psychotherapy normalizes the brain in social phobia?
Anxiety in social situations is not a rare problem: Around one in ten people are affected by social anxiety disorder during their lifetime. Social anxiety disorder is diagnosed if fears and anxiety in social situations significantly impair everyday life and cause intense suffering. Talking in front of a larger group can be one typical feared situation. A study now reveals that the successful treatment of an anxiety disorder alters key brain structures that are involved in processing and regulating emotions.  

Is there a New breathing therapy that reduces panic and anxiety by reversing hyperventilation?
A new treatment that helps people with panic disorder to normalize their breathing works better to reduce panic symptoms and hyperventilation than traditional cognitive therapy, according to a new study. The new 'CART' treatment was found to be better than traditional cognitive therapy at altering hyperventilation and panic symptoms.

Can I be more depressed with domestic violence?
Unhealthy and unhappy: Mental toll of troubled relationships

Some forms of domestic violence double victims' risk of depression and anxiety disorders later in life, according to recent research.

How traumatic memories hide in the brain, and how to retrieve them: Special brain mechanism discovered to store stress-related, unconscious memories

Some stressful experiences -- such as chronic childhood abuse -- are so traumatic, the memories hide like a shadow in the brain and can't be consciously accessed. Eventually, suppressed memories can cause debilitating psychological problems. Scientists have discovered how and where the brain stores those stressful memories and how to retrieve them. The findings could lead to new treatment for patients with repressed traumatic memories.

Strong family bonds reduce anxiety in young people with lived experience of domestic violence: Strong relationships with other family members can help raise self-esteem, reduce anxiety for some young people who grow up in homes affected by parental domestic violence

Strong relationships with other family members can help raise self-esteem and reduce anxiety for some young people who grow up in homes affected by parental domestic violence.

Coping strategy therapy for family dementia carers works long-term

A program of therapy and coping strategies for people who care for family members with dementia successfully improves the carers' mental health for at least a six-year follow-up, finds a new study.

Counselling Consultation Form

Counselling Consultation Form
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