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What Autism Funding is Available to Families in Canada?

1. Ontario Autism Program

Your child must...

  • be a resident of Ontario;

  • be under the age of 18;

  • have a written diagnosis of autism from a qualified professional

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2. Special Services At Home (SSAH)

Your child must...

  • be a resident of Ontario;

  • be under the age of 18;

  • have ONGOING FUNCTIONAL LIMITATIONS as a result of a disability

  • require support beyond that which is typically provided by FAMILIES; and

  • be living at home with their family or is living outside the family home and not receiving residential staff support from a government-funded source (e.g. transfer payment agency) or an OUTSIDE PAID RESOURCE (OPR).

In the majority of situations, basic eligibility is established only once – at the time of the first application – with the following exceptions:

  • Where the functional limitations may change over time due to the type of disability, the child’s age, situation, needs and skills.

  • Where an INFANT has been funded before a definitive diagnosis is established.

3. Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities Program (ACSD)

Your child must...

  • be under 18 years of age (17 and under), lives at home and who has a severe disability.

Your eligibility and the amount of assistance you receive is based on a combination of factors:

  • your household income

  • size of your family

  • severity of your child’s disability

  • extraordinary costs related to your child’s disability

4. Jordan's Principle (Health care services for First Nations and Inuit)

Your child must...

  • permanently reside in Canada

  • be registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act

  • have one parent or guardian who is registered or eligible to be registered under the Indian Act

  • be recognized by their nation for the purposes of Jordan's Principle

  • be ordinarily resident on reserve

5. Supporting Inuit children (funding through the Inuit Child First Initiative)


All Inuit children in Canada who are...

  • recognized by an Inuit land claim organization AND

  • under the age of majority in their province/territory of residence

Is There Any Other Support for Autism Families in Ontario, Canada?


Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity (JACC)

The fund covers Medical Treatment, Hospital Treatment Costs, Therapies, Household Costs, Respite Care.

Program Manager: Michelle Plummer

Disability Tax Credit (DTC) - Tax credits and deductions for persons with disabilities

A medical practitioner has to certify that the person has a severe and prolonged impairment.

Find out if you or your child is eligible by answering self-assessment questionnaire


Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) - Savings and pension plans

If you have a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), you can apply for a Canada Disability Savings Grant or Bond (CDSG or CDSB)

Understand how money in an RDSP can grow over time: RDSP Savings Calculator (Click)

Canada Disability Savings Grants (CDSG) & Canada Disability Savings Bond (CDSB)

You can receive up to $1,000 per year with a maximum contribution of $20,000. The amount you receive is dependent on your family’s income.


To qualify for CDSG and CDSB, you must be...

  • 49 years old or under (if you are 49, you must apply before the end of the year)

  • a Canadian resident

  • have a social insurance number; and

  • eligible for the Disability Tax Credit

One to One Summer Support Worker Reimbursement Fund

Applications now closed.

A minimum of 500 applicants will be randomly selected and all applicants will be informed by email whether they were selected or not selected to receive the funds.






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