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ATAMIC strives to help for those who would like to receive therapeutic support, but unable to afford it. We offer a dual purpose of supporting our clients and counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, or other therapists in Ontario, Canada - Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Durham, York Region, Halton-Peel, Hamilton, Kitchener, Ottawa.


  • Helping those who seeks for a therapy service or can not afford a therapy cost

  • Increase your support exposure

  • Expand your client network

  • Increase visits to your personal website

  • More referrals as your service grow

  • Better visibility within our website (we changes the order of the list weekly so every therapist gets seen)

  • We create a workshop listing for free if it is offered for free or affordable price which can be a benefit of the community

  • You'll be a part of sending our donations to a charity (your name will be listed as a member of Atamic)

Affordable Therapy & Integrated Care offers you the opportunity to grow your practice, You can request anytime to add or modify your office locations/ hours and, change your fees.



There are thousands of therapists out there, and only small numbers of therapists are willing to look on people with some charity. We only accept a therapist who is willing to offer an affordable service. Our clients and visitors know that your act of kindness, and they appreciate such a kind gesture. One of random act of kindness is to offer your help to someone.

Fees are used towards ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) which is utilized through engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc, and our innovative approaches to marketing, research, website administration and maintenance. It also includes outreach and development. We aim to build a highly visible team for clients' needs and registered therapists. We are planning to be featured on one of well established company as well.
We're also going to pick one charity (every few months) and send a donation to the charity. It it one of our ways to spread the word about our therapists. 


Email the following ten questions to:

  1. Your First, Last name & designation (your title)

  2. Your license number
    (If you are pre-licensed, provide your supervisors name and registration number)

  3. 200-400 word for your bio which will appear on the website.

  4. Your cost range (must be $60 or less - It can be changed to "full" at any time)
    *It is requested that you make a number of spots available ($60 or less) to help for those who needs finance support.

  5. Your Sliding Scale Range
    *usual range is approximately $65-$110

  6. Your website address (if applicable)

  7. One picture (headshot) - high resolution, clean background

  8. Contact info (email, link, etc.)

  9. Your practicable work location

  10. Offer online only or in-person, or both?

Once the above answers are received, and confirmed after all your credentials are verified, you can proceed to PayPal.
If you do not offer few slots for $60 or under, you cannot be joined to our memberships.

* pre-licensed professional - it is your responsibility to meet any necessary supervision requirement and work within the limits and scope of the profession.

*If you are interested in listing your workshop, listing fee will be determined base on duration (one time, ongoing, fees, etc). However, we offer workshop listings for free if it is free or affordable can be a benefit of the community.

Once you received a confirmation from us, you may choose one of the following membership plans below.

Choose your membership plan

  • Yearly

    Every year
    $18/month (SAVE $80 per year)
  • 6 months

    $20/month (SAVE $30)
    Valid for 6 months
  • 3 month

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months

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