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Kids with Autism

UPDATE* on Kids Therapy
Kids Virtual Screening (Free)

ATAMIC Therapy understands that it can be difficult to make decisions on virtual therapy. We are happy to offer a free screening to see if virtual therapy is suitable for your child. You will be given a short questionnaire and our therapist will have a short observation of your child. We can then determine what would be the best options for your child. 

  • Free 50-minute virtual observation of your child and conversation with you.

  • Only eligible for parents of children/youth up to age 18.

  • Adequate internet speed, camera, and microphone are required.

Inquiries and Registration:

Virtual MBS Program with a Parent 

The virtual MBS (Master Basic Skills) program offers a parent to attend a session with their child. The child will develop communication skills, and other basic skills through the virtual MBS program. The trained therapist will work on structured programs with you and your child. The parents will learn some of skills for their child as well.

  • Only eligible for parents of children/youth up to age 18.

  • Package Price: One assessment (30-minute) + Six sessions (30-minute per session). Package $350.

Inquiries and Registration:

Virtual ABA + Behaviour Intervention 

This Online ABA + Behaviour Intervention package is for all levels of learners up to age 18. Trained clinician will provide parents with how to help their child using ABA principles. Needs and strengths assessment will be conducted first to program a customized intervention for your child. It is important that you participate in this program together with your child so your feedback can be used when developing a brief intervention plan. 

This program will help you and your family to be ready to use ABA to solve daily challenges. You will be interacting with the clinician and learn how you can help your child with real life skills such as getting dressed, safe food handling, following public rules, managing finance, avoiding danger, organizing work, taking responsibility and interacting with friends.

  • Only eligible for parents of children/youth up to age 18 with a diagnosis of autism.

  • Package Price: One (120-minute) Needs and strengths assessment + Ten (60-minute) 1:1 online treatment sessions. Package $1,050 per child. (After the first package, it is $750 for renewal ten sessions)

Inquiries and Registration:

Communication Program (ages 3 to 18)

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) will take an assessment of your child to customize the program for your child. SLP will set goals for you child and work with you and your child together. The parent or caregiver will attend ten (60-minute) online sessions. A trained behaviour clinician will work on your child's goals and guide the parent or caregiver to learn how to support your child to be a better communicator and success in daily life.

  • Only eligible for parents of children/youth up to age 18.

  • Package Info: One (1 hour) Needs and strengths assessment with a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) + Ten (60-minute) online sessions. Package $1,430.

Inquiries and Registration:

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