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Ontario Autism Program Update

Many Ontario families receive the news about the needs-based Ontario Autism Program (OAP). Here are the links you may want to check out.

On December 3, 2021, The Government of Ontario made an announcement, Ontario Supporting Children on the Autism Spectrum and their Families​.

1. The new Independent Intake Organization (IIO) The new Independent Intake Organization (IIO) for the Ontario Autism Program is expected to start in Spring 2022.​ Until then, you can continue to register for the Ontario Autism Program.

2. Welcoming more children into core clinical services On February 03, 2021, The Government of Ontario made an announcement, New Core Services for Children in the Ontario Autism Program, which included news about including services such as Applied ​Behaviour ​Analysis​ (ABA)​, ​Speech-Language ​Pathology​ (SLP)​, ​Occupational ​Therapy​ (OT)​ and mental health supports based on the child's individual needs.​ ​Ontario will continue to offer core clinical services for children in the Ontario Autism Program.​

3. Extending behaviour plans If your child is already registered with OAP and has behaviour plans, you will have an option to extend their plans until spring 2023 for a smooth transition from evidence-based behaviour services to the needs-based program.

4. Launching entry to school program

5. Preparing to launch urgent response services

Learn more about the update above by clicking here.


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