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What is Hypnotherapy?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Written by Johanna

Hypnosis can offer an important contemporary approach to encourage change. Clinical Hypnosis is used to eliminate fears, blocks, and self-defeating damaging patterns and behaviours. This gentle yet effective protocol works at the subconscious level, and can help clients strengthen their self-esteem and own their lives. We offer strategies for habit and emotional changes, including weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management and more.


Hypnosis will help you explore the thought patterns of your subconscious mind and they effect your daily inner dialogue. This will help you dive into hanging patterns that no longer benefit you and start promoting positivity and self esteem. Hypnosis will help you unlock the power of your inner mind and bring changes to your conscious mind.

Bad Habits:

Hypnosis is meant to stop nail. biting, smoking, sleeping in, being late, laziness, procrastination. It is designed to understand the reasons and layers of past experiences that contributes to repetition of these bad behaviours. It will help the client understand the rationale behind every action. Weight Loss:

For weight loss, hypnosis is designed to adapt perspective on foods and find again the ability of the client for self-care. It will remove the mental blocks that hinders success. Hypnosis will unlock the reason why the client is indulging in over-eating and it will help reveal the subconscious mind in the open.


Hypnosis will reframe fears of snakes, test anxiety, bullies, public speaking, ect. with behaviour exposure. This approach has evidence based practice called the 10 Step Hypnosis Ladder to absolve negative feelings.


Hypnosis will help the client to achieve better sleep quality through effective, drug free, non-intrusive and simple form of sleep aid. It helps to train the body to relax, mind to slow, and re-establish cues to rest. Hypnosis will help the mind relax and achieve a good night's rest.

Pain Management:

Hypnosis helps to reduce chronic pain with sommbolism hypnotic treatment by stimulating natural anaesthetics and encourages activation of the parasympathetic nervous system response (which in turn decreases pain). It lessens or eliminates the need for over the counter drugs.


HypnoBirthing® teaches new parents essential skills to have a stress free pregnancy. Over 5 weeks, we have class every Monday. HypnoBirthing® includes deep breathing techniques, fear management, pain management, mental preparation, hypnotic relaxation, and more! Thousands of mothers have used this practice around the world to have beautiful, natural and comfortable births.


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